Recovery Seed Backup Devices

We stock the best hardware wallets by Safepal, Trezor, Ledger, and Bitbox. Our hardware wallets are stored securely in the United States and drop ship world wide with UPS, and the United States Post Office. Most wallets are in stock and ship in just a couple of days. Get your hardware wallet before the next big rally.

Recovery Seed Backup

  • Billfodl Recovery Seed Backup Cassette
    Billfodl Recovery Seed Backup Cassette
  • Cryptotag Zeus Expansion Kit
    Cryptotag Zeus Expansion Kit
  • Cryptotag Zeus Recovery Seed Backup Device
    Cryptotag Zeus Recovery Seed Backup Device
  • Cryptosteel Recovery Seed Backup Cassette
    Cryptosteel Recovery Seed Backup Cassette
  • Stainless Steel Recovery Seed Backup Cassette Xtra Large
    Stainless Steel Recovery Seed Backup Cassette Xtra Large
  • Steelwallet Apocalypse Proof Seed Backup
    Steelwallet Apocalypse Proof Seed Backup
  • Cypherwheel crypto Seed Back Device
    Cypherwheel crypto Seed Back Device
  • Cobo Recovery Seed Backup Cassette
    Cobo Recovery Seed Backup Cassette
  • Cobo Tablet Punch
  • Punchplate III Large

100% Money Back Guarantee

We have Bitbox, Ledget, Trezor, and Safepal in stock and ready to go., Our hardware wallets are in stock and ready to ship. Our warehouse is stocked full of wallets and located in Chicago, Illinois, USA. For orders that ship to other states, we typically ship with the United States Postal Service. If we are shipping anywhere else in the world, we evaluate the cost for DHL, UPS, and USPS and go with the least expensive. Our wallets ship very discreetly in plain brown boxes. No one will know what it is until you open it.

We accent Fiat, Paypal, and Crypto. If you want to pay in a coin that is not part of Coinbase commerce we can make arrangments. We can accept payment in any coin that can be converted by US, Coinbase, or Kraken. That covers a big percentage. We accept stable coins including Magic Internet Money and US Dollar Coin. We also accept Tether. Is Tether still around?

Hardware Wallets

First you buy some Bitcoin on an exchange. A little later you might decide to try purchasing some alt coins or trading your Bitcoin. No matter what you do, you should keep your coins safe offline in cold storage. You should also back up all of your Seed Phrases with steel. We carry the best hardware wallets from all over the globe. We have sourced wallets from Canada, Switzerland, Taiwan, France, and Czech Republic. We have sourced seed protection from the US, China, Switzerland, and the UK. If you are interesed in Defi or just HOLDL, you need a wallet. Software wallets like Metamask,Coinbase Wallet, Argen, Monero GUI, and software wallets that you can use. Many of them you can even use with Metamak so you can use your hardware wallet with the Decentalized financial network. There are decentralized exchanges to explore. There are brand new ERC-20 tokens to buy like Sushi Swap and 1inch. There is so much going on in the Defi world and one of the best ways to learn and make money is by using a wallet and connecting it to the various Defin websites. Check out AAVE, Compound, Curve, Sushiswap, and Uniswap to get an idea of the various new ways that you can earn interest or earn fees. Essentially if you keep you money off exchanges, there are thousands of new ways to make your money work for you, even when you are sleeping. The first ten years of crypto and bitcoin was about holding coins that increased exponentially in value. The next few years are going to be about coins that generate yields just by holding them. If Bitcoin, Ether, and Cake are going to move sideways for a few months, I would like to earn more coins so that when it goes back up, my gains go up exponentially. That leaves Cake as the best asset to Hodl as long as you plan to stake it. You can stake in the single asset pool and get about 85% APR right now. It isn't the highest but it appears to be the highest of the non shitcoins. You can get a higher yield from Good Finance an other AMM but their coin prices have not held up well. As an example, think about what happened to Bunny. It is hard to figure out who to trust in this new crazy world of deregulated finance. I tend to trust Coinbase and Kraken. They should probably come out with their own competing blockchain.

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Earn up to 76 percent annually on your crypto by staking!

Are you ready for Pancake Swap and Uniswap v3? Decentralized finance is going to change the world. We have scoured the globe for the best hardware wallets and seed backup tools. We have wallets from France, The Czech Republic, Taiwan, China, Canada, Switzerland, and South Korea. It is time to stop trading and start holding. It is time to take ownership of your crypto and keep your personal keys.

Have you seen the yields on Pancake Swap? It is too late to stake your tokens and earns ridiculously high yields in the 60 and 70 percent range, but it's not over quite yet.
We carry the best hardware wallets for your cryptocurrency protection. Protect your cryptocurrency like the professionals offline in COLD STORAGE. Owning Crypto is not like using the bank or your brokerage account. You can't go to a branch and show some ID. If you lose your Bitcoin, no one can call or help you. The trick to not losing Bitcoin is having a safety plan in place. This Bitcoin safety plan should include a centralized exchange that you can use as an off-ramp, a hardware wallet, and a backup device or two for the hardware wallet. We also suggest dividing your funds up amongst a few different hardware wallets. If you hold Bitcoin and want also to provide liquidity on Uniswap, you may wish to have two wallets. There are great secure Bitcoin wallets and wallets that are better for Defi. If you are holding your Bitcoin, there is no need to have your Bitcoin on a hot wallet that you use daily.
Most Defi will need Ethereum, Matic, or Binance Chain right now. We think that you should store your coins in a hardware wallet. We also believe that you should protect your BIP-39 seed phrase with stainless steel or titanium.

We have scoured the globe looking for the best hardware wallets manufactured by the most trusted names in crypto. We carry products by Ledger, Trezor, SecuX, Coin Kite, Ballet, and Safepal. We try out every wallet that we sell. We ensure the firmware is easy to upgrade and the software works well. Unfortunately, not all wallets are cut. We are testing some new ones now where we are unable to update the firmware and where we are unable to get it to access all of the blockchains it supposedly supports.

With the growing popularity of Decentralized Finance AMMs like Pancake Swap, Uniswap, and Sushiswap and crazy coins like Safemoon, Safemars, Polydoge, and Shiba Inu, the cryptocurrency market is getting saturated with good coins and a lot of shit coins. You can trade Ethereum for Shiba using Uniswap and a hardware wallet and join the meme coin revolution. You can also provide liquidity to a pair on Uniswap or loan some money using Compound.

We believe that the best token ever created is Cake by Pancakeswap. We are long-term holders of Cake. Cake is the only coin we can find with an APY of over 100 and liquidity. Many tokens with high yields can only be traded on Pancakeswap. Stay away from high yield and low liquidity. The current yield on Pancakeswap in the Auto Stake pool is 107% APY. Where else can you get such a high return with good liquidity. Pancakeswap is not immune to rug pulls and liquidity heists, but as the main AMM of Binance Smart Chain, we think it has a better chance of survival. Defi is super risky, and you probably shouldn't do it. But if you do, buy a wallet from us and a seed device to protect your passwords.