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Token Minting

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Are you looking to mint your own token?  We can mint tokens for you on the Binance Chain and Ethereum.  Binance is much less expensive to mint and to send out.  We can mint the tokens, manage the tokens and distribute them for you. Whether you want to mint currency for a new government or just want to have fun, we can build your token.


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We love Defi and we want to show people how to do it. If you are curious about Crypto and want to ask questions in a safe setting with no judgment, we can help. We have been using Crypto for 4 years and Defi for about a year. We have experience with all of the major wallets and big US banks. We can help you figure out how to get Fiat in the crypto space and we can help you get your fiat turned into crypto and moved to wherever you want. If you are just beginning, you may want to keep your funds on a centralized exchange. But when you ready, we have the cold wallet storage options and backup option you will need to truly control your funds and be your own bank. We can adjust our lessons to anything that you want to learn. Just know that you have a friend in crypto if you ever want to talk or learn.