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Tangem Wallet

Tangem Wallet

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Experience the ultimate security with the Tangem card - your very own self-custodial hardware wallet. This sleek card offers a range of features that enable secure creation and storage of private keys, as well as the ability to sign data.

Tangem cards are built with an EAL6+ certified secure smart-card chip based on ARM SC000 core architecture and featuring an ISO14443 Type A contactless interface. The card firmware is a native Сard OS (COS) with a proprietary communication protocol built on top of ISO14443 for seamless interaction with contactless terminals. Plus, once the firmware is loaded onto the card, it cannot be updated or managed.

Unlike other hardware wallets, Tangem does not offer any server back-end for validating wallet balances. Instead, the system fully relies on the decentralized infrastructure of blockchain nodes with open external APIs. Tangem cards are completely self-sufficient, and their circulation is uncontrolled. However, Tangem plays an important role in the ecosystem by sustaining the card attestation chain to ensure authenticity and integrity of COS.

When it comes to security, Tangem card is in a league of its own. It guarantees that it is the only place in the world where the private key is held, making it impossible to export, import, restore or access the wallet private key. Moreover, if the card is lost or physically destroyed, the wallet's funds are lost forever.

The Tangem card's chip has EAL6+ certification by Applus+ and its firmware is audited by the top-rated Swiss independent auditor - Kudelski security. Additionally, the card carries only one single secure chip that provides direct end-to-end attestation of the entire device. This ensures that the card is genuine, regardless of where and how it was delivered.

To guarantee that you operate a genuine Tangem card, there are several mechanisms of attestation that you can use. These include card attestation, attestation of wallets, and firmware attestation. During the scanning process, the card has to pass the attestation process to confirm its authenticity.

In terms of reliability, Tangem cards undergo rigorous testing and can withstand various environmental extremes, including occasional mechanical deformation, electromagnetic pulse (EMP), electrostatic discharge (ESD), and X-rays within limits defined in ISO7810 standard. The card can work in a hostile environment from -25℃ up to 85℃, is IP68 certified, and can work even underwater.

Tangem cards also feature anti-tampering mechanisms to recognize various types of invasive and non-invasive attacks. The COS will react to any attempt of such attacks according to their severity.

In summary, the Tangem card offers ultimate security and reliability to ensure peace of mind for your digital assets.

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