Recovery Seed Backup Devices

Cryptotag Zeus Recovery Seed Backup Device
Cryptotag Zeus Recovery Seed Backup Device

Cryptotag Zeus Recovery Seed Backup Device

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Cryptotag has created a very smart way of permanently storing your recovery seed.  You know those 12 words or 24 words that each wallet makes you write down?  You can store those words on this device.  It is a one time thing so make sure you plan to keep the wallet. 

Once you have a wallet that you want to keep, you will take the first four letters of each recovery words and mark it onto the Cryptotag using a hole puncher.  I had never used a hole puncher before so I had no idea how they work.  I thought you had to hit them with a hammer or something.  It turns out that the hole punching device has a set of springs and when you push it hard enough, somehow it gets extra pressure and makes a mark.  It is pretty easy to line up the puncher in the right spot and press down. 

They recommend that you use black marker and make little dots where you want to punch the divots.  it is a good idea. Its a great suggestion.  We don't have any of these in stock right now as a kit but we do have a couple of the extension kits.  You can use your existing hole puncher and an extension kit if you don't want to wait.

What makes the Cryptotag special is that the plates stay together using two special clips that are made that fit perfectly into slots.  Take a look at the video if you want to get a better idea of what we mean.

We are currently using a Cryptotag for one of our funded wallets.  We love it.  It was easy to use.  It looks cool and now it is stored in a sealed plastic bag so I know whether or not it has been accessed.  I think the plastic bags came with the Cryptotag but I have to admit that I don't recall.  I will let you all know the next time I open one.  

I am using a Steelwallet as backup for one of my old Trust Wallets and I am using my Cryptotag for an empty Coinomi wallet that I used to try holding Verge XRG.  Holding Verge lasted for about a week and then the market crashed.  When the market crashed I decided to combine all that was left into coins that yield.

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