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BitBox02 Bitcoin Only Edition Hardware Wallet
BitBox02 Bitcoin Only Edition Hardware Wallet
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BitBox 02 Bitcoin Only Edition Hardware Wallet

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It isn't even close.  We sell more Bitbox wallets than all our other products combined.  Straight out of Switzerland comes a bitcoin wallet with the trust factor of a Swiss bank account. 

Click here for Bitbox 02 Multi Coin version.

We have both versions, but this particular unit is the Bitcoin only version.  The Bitcoin only version is just like it sounds.   It only holds Bitcoin.  Why would you want this?  If you are only planning on holding Bitcoin, this wallet is perfect because it doesn't have all the unnecessary software.  The Bitbox utilizes a different technology for backup than all the other wallets we carry.  Instead of creating a 24 word recovery seed, you use Micro SD cards for the backup.  We have 100 Bitboxes on order from Shift Crypto and we are already taking preorders.  If you want a simple way to keep your bitcoin safe and you don't want to worry about recovery seed words, this is a great option for you.

The quality of the Bitbox is second to none.  Shift Crypto has outdone itself with the current version of the Bitbox.  We know you will love it too.

We have been playing around with the Bitbox the last couple of days and we really like it.  They have software that is compatible with Android, PC, and Mac.  They don't have iOS.  I assume most of you have a computer, but if you are an Apple user and don't have a PC you should get something else.  If you have a pc or mac, you will love this wallet.  This wallet is probably not a wallet you would use if you make frequent transactions.  If you plan to hold Bitcoin and want to do it safely without having to write down a 24 word recovery key, this is your wallet.

For the record, the wallet is actually still compatible with BIP39 and passphrase recovery.  You have an option to get your seed words if you want.  That makes this a truly open source universal wallet and perfect for those planning to hold.

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