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Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Mining is one of our new hobbies at Bitcoin Safety.  We don't have a big operation.  We have 5 pcs running with 3080s.  We signed a 4 year deal with our electric company for 11cents.  Its not the best rate, but it should be low enough to make ether GPU mining profitable for the next year or two.

We have been trying Nice Hash so far for our mining.  I am not sure if its mining or if its providing Hash power of if there is even a difference.  Eventually, we plan to look into Better Hash and try to mine alt coins.

One of the good things and bad things about Nice Hash is that you only get Bitcoin.  They mine the most profitable coins but they give you Bitcoin.  Over the last two weeks, the program has been mining Monero and Ethereum but we get Bitcoin.  Over the last two weeks, I would have rather received Monero.

If you are not able to use a fiat onramp to buy crypto, this is a pretty good way to get started.  You can earn about $12.00 a day with a Nvidia GTX 3080 and a fast processor.  You can earn about $15.00 a day with a Nvidia GTX 3090 and a fast processor.  We are still experimenting.  We aren't able to keep the rigs running all day yet.  We need to figure the fine line between overclocking and avoiding restarts.