Collection: Trezor Hardware Wallet for Storing Bitcoin offline using Cold Storage

Trezor is one of the two biggest names when it comes to hardware wallets.  Trezor is based out of the Czech Republic and made by Satoshi Labs.  If you are unsure of which wallet to get, you can't got wrong with Trezor.  It is one of the world's most compatible hardware wallets.  It is also compatible with many software wallets.  You can set it up to work with Metamask.  You can also set it up to work with Monero.  If you are into crypto currency, you need to try out a hardware wallet.  It is so much better than keeping your coins in a software wallet attached to the Internet at all times and it is also much safer than leaving your coins in an exchange.  If you leave them in an exchange you don't have control of your private keys.
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  • Trezor One Hardware Wallet
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  • Trezor Model T Hardware Wallet