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Your NFT collection Sucks!

Why are you wasting your money on avatars that anyone can copy.  Sure they look cool but its a fad.  Do you know what isn't a fad, making money and there is now a cool way to make money on NFTs.  There is a new breed of NFT that lets you stake them and earn a yield.

One of these projects that you might know is the Cybercongz Genesis NFTs.  There are 1000 of them and they generate Banana Token every day.  There is a whole series of rules about how much banana you get and then you can purchase accelerator NFTs to make more banana quicker.

Considering the Genesis NFTs are printing money out of thin air, it is a really good idea for projects to add value.  Some really stand up groups like Charged Punks are backing their token with a Node Service but not all tokens are doing that.

In the future, NFTs will need to be more than simply just collectible oictures.  They will need to have utitlizy, store membership data, store login data, make us money or something.  It will keep changing until it beause something that everyone needs.  In the meantime, it is pretty cool to make money jus by having a jpeg in your wallet.

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