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Why I like crytocurrency

I started trading in 2017 and then again in 2020.  I missed a few years.  Right now I am very interested in decentralized finance.  I think it fills a very valuable void in the banking system.  It allows people that don't have bank accounts to enter and earn interest.  With interest rates so low in the United States it provides an alternative.  It is widely considered riskier than keeping money in a bank but if you use a proper hardware wallet and store your seed phrase, I think it might be more secure than a bank.  I have personally had my safe deposit box frozen so I don't fully trust a safe deposit box and don't fully trust the banking system.  My wife has been robbed right out of of her US Bank account and they did nothing to help us.  I have been a victim of identity fraud multiple times and so has my wife.  My most recent issue was fake unemployment claims.

With so many risks out in the real financial market, I wanted to learn about alternatives.

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