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Which wallets sell the most at our store?

When I started the website, I assumed that I would sell lots of Trezors and Ledgers.  I guess they are too easy to get or perhaps someone is selling them for less but I have sold very few.  The item I have sold the most is the BitBox 02 Bitcoin Only Wallet and the Bitbox02 Multi Coin Wallet.  I haven't had a ton of sales so we aren't talking big numbers.  I have sold about 40 Bitbox wallets the last few months and only a handful of anything else.  I thought I would sell a bunch of Safepal wallets since they are pretty hard to get.  Apparently people aren't as interested in Binance Smart Chain as I thought they would be.

The newest chain to check out is Cronos Chain.  I am very interested because has the intention of advertising and aquiring a billion users this year.  They have already hired Matt Damon and renamed the Staples Center.  That is a pretty bold start.

They offer a very simple bridge to move your Cro over to Cronos chain and they aren't charging fees for the service yet.  They have one main AMM on the chain that uses the token VVS or Very Very Simple which has a high yield but is tanking in price as we speak.  I am hopeful that the marketing department will throw some good words towards VVS and get the price going again.

It is a few weeks later and our top selling wallets are still the Bitbox multi coin and the Bitcoin only.  We also started selling some of the Steel Wallet backup devices.  It is essentially a grid where you use a hole making device to mark the squares that represent your BIP39 code.  You don't need it, if you just plan to use the mini SD cards for backup but since BIP39 is a universal standard and could most likely be used on a different wallet if your Bitbox breaks or gets lost, you might just want to write it down.

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