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Which exchanges do we trust?

We trust Coinbase and Kraken the most.  We have used Coinbase since 2017.  We believe we get good pricing on market orders with Coinbase and Kraken.  We also now trust  We have been using it for about a year.  They seem to have worst prices than the other two.  When it comes to Binance and Kucoin we trust them but not as much.  Binance used to only have Binance and you could use it and trade from the US without an issue.  Then they decided to ban US customers under pressure from the US goverment and with dreams of eventually entering the US legally.

The pulled out of the US and made us take out our funds.  Eventually they setup Binance US but it wasn't the same.  Binance International is awesome and has so many crazy ways to trade and make money.  It also has future and margin and lots of cool things that we can't always get as a US based customer.  Apparently our goverment is looking out for us and trying to avoid us losing all of our money at once like you do with margin trading.

You can't talk about exchanges without talking about Kucoin.  Kucoin is not particularly worried about entering the US legally yet.  You can sign up for a Kucoin accout with just an email address.  You can use a burner email address and fake contact information for an account.  You may get your account frozen at some point saying they need more information and it will be info you can't provide so I am usually hesitant from using fake info.  I tend to just leave as much blank as I can.

Behind every good coin is a good Blockchain and a couple of the newer ones to look at are Binance Smart Chain, Huobi Eco Chain, Kuchain, Cronos.  These are all being sponsored by Crypto powerhouses and I expect to see them rival Ethereum in a year or two.  Pretty soon Matt Damon will be telling you that you can be bold if you use but if you want to be your own bank and start using Defi,that would be Legendary!.  Perhaps they could even get Neil Patrick Harris to do a cameo.

Which blockchain has Lebron as a spokesmodel?  I think again that would be and Cronos.  It is hard to compete with LeBron.  Do you want the Lebron blockchain or do you want the

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