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Which NFTs are good investments and why?

Many of the NFT projects look alike.  There are 10,000 pictures and each one is a little different.  How do you guess which ones people will want and which ones people will grow tired.

One thing to look at is the daily transaction volume.  How many of the NFTs are being purchased and sold each day.  Is it 45?  Is it 500?  45 is a decent day for Bored Ape Club.  20 is a decent day for Crypto Punks.

How long has the project been around?  Crypto Punks are from 2017 and they still have an active community and active leaders.  They have management and there are still ways for owners to make money.

Bored Ape Club takes it a step further.  If you own a Bored Ape, you can use it however you like for commercial gains.  You just can't use the Bored Ape name or logo.  You can just feature you ape.  Most NFT projects don't give you the creative license to make money off of your Avatar.

How will Twitter affect NFTs.  Twitter has a new feature that allows you to verify that you actually own an NFT.  If you verify ownership, it will make it evident on your Twitter profile that you officially own the NFT and that you didn't' just download a jpg.

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