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What would happen if the US goverment tried to buy all available Bitcoin?

The United States can print money at its discretion.  That is one of the benefits of having your own central bank and not relaying on the decisions of other countries.  What if the US decided to print whatever it needed to buy a good portion of the Bitcoin supply.  I am sure some would never sell but couldn't the US throw around a trillion dollars and get half?  Eventually there is a good chance that Bitcoin or another coin becomes the world currency.  If the dollar is going to lose its standing, one way the US can back it up is by holding Bitcoin and using it to back the dollar.

Isn't that a crazy way to think?  If the US controls half of all Bitcoin and the world adopts Bitcoin, then the United States will control half of the world's money supply.  There is nothing stopping federal goverments from getting involved in crypto whether it be investing, staking, setting up nodes, creating their own tokens.  Just like I can create a BEP20 token, so can Peru.

I think that governments should hurry up and buy all the new digital currencies before the people get them.  Rather than ban it, they should try to control it.  The only way to control it is to own it.  What would happen if a government bought all the Kyber tokens?  I think it is possible to see a government take over a coin.

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