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What will be the best options for investing in cryptocurrencies in 2022?

Beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum, many digital currencies promise a lot of profitability, albeit with high volatility. For example, 2022 is the year of the metaverse.

There are currently more than 10,000 different cryptocurrencies to invest in, and savers and investors wonder where best to put their money to generate the highest interest. The cryptocurrencies most often named by experts tend to be, by logic, the largest in the world. This means that Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency in which 40 percent of all money circulating in the crypto world is deposited, is the most chosen one. The main reason is that analysts expect the market to have a sharp correction, which means that the market may fall, and the cryptocurrencies that will lower the least will be the ones with the highest market value. The second-largest cryptocurrency in the world, Ethereum, is also another of the most mentioned. It accounts for 20 percent of the money circulating in this market.

Cryptocurrency analyst Norberto Giudice said: "Next year, we could have some correction of this bullish market, generating a bear market that will affect both Bitcoin and all other altcoins. As far as the best ones for next year, of course, Bitcoin is number one, it should be a store of value. Then comes Ethereum, which may go up proportionally more than Bitcoin, especially when Ethereum 2.0 arrives late next year or early next year."

He added other options, such as BNB: "Binance is going to continue to grow as a global exchange, and it also has some plans to use and burn tokens, so it is likely to grow in value. While it has some scalability issues, Solana grew a lot in terms of NFT (nonfungible tokens) and is a great investment for next year. As a fifth, CRO from has been making firm expansion plans in the U.S. and worldwide. Those would be the top five, followed by LUNA, MATIC, ALGO, SAND, and MANA."

Franco Capelo, CEO of the Institute for Technical Analysis, told Infobae: "Ethereum is my favorite cryptocurrency, so in any situation, I would place it as the top one. In third place, I would put AXS, one of the famous Axie Infinity game cryptocurrencies. Next year Axie could become a metaverse entirely, giving it even more growth. It could mix metaverses, blockchain, NFT (nonfungible tokens), and cryptocurrencies all under one gaming system."

Many investors believe that this was the year of nonfungible tokens (NFTs). An NFT is a type of digital crypto asset that is based on a smart contract. These NFTs represent something unique, be it a photo, a video, a sound, and so on. And thanks to the smart contract, it is possible to know primarily if it is original, and secondly, to whom it really belongs; thus, it cannot be stolen or counterfeited in any way.

However, it is proposed that in 2022 the time may come for the metaverse, with some of the largest companies on the planet entering this market, such as the former Facebook, which was renamed, Meta. A metaverse is nothing more than the digitization of the physical world we live in. Metaverses aim to be the digital version of the real world.

Regarding this, Yanina Orrego, CEO of Capital Ediciones, told Infobae: "The crypto that has the most potential for me for next year is CRO. is an exchange that does not stop growing. It invested USD 700 million in changing the name of the Staples Center to Arena, and a few weeks later invested USD 216 million in buying two U.S. exchanges. In addition, it launched its marketplace, NFT, a sponsor of the Copa Libertadores de America, and many other great moves this exchange has made. If they continue like this, they can become a great power.

"After that, some of the larger cryptocurrencies are always attractive. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, and those in the top 10 are usually similar in that respect. I would also include some metaverses; they can't be left out these days. For example, Decentraland's metaverse, with its MANA token, or Sandbox, with the SAND token, could be excellent opportunities for next year," said Orrego. This year, some cryptocurrencies created based on memes grew several thousand percent in a short time. The two biggest ones, which are vying for the position of the largest meme coin, are Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

About this, Sergio Turi, CEO of Inversiones en el Mundo, told Infobae: "In my opinion, the top 10 cryptocurrencies for next year are led by Bitcoin and Ethereum. There is a lot of talk about a possible fall in both stock and crypto markets, mainly due to restrictions, regulations, the pandemic, and high inflation rates in the United States and Europe. Despite this, I believe that if the market does have a downturn, it won't take much longer than a few months to recover."

"Followed by Bitcoin and Ethereum, I would place Cardano, a cryptocurrency with a lot of potentials that seems to be asleep. Dogecoin and Shiba Inu can be good opportunities in the short term, mainly if the market starts to recover after a fall because they are highly volatile. As fifth, I would put the largest stable cryptocurrency, USDT. I think you should always have liquidity, and that's what USDT offers us. Always using some tool to invest them, such as stacking, so that they generate some interest," Turi concluded.

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