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What to do when you run out of Gas on Binance Smart Chain

Ethereum Gas and Binance Smart Chain Gas

Did you ever convert all of your BNB and then realize OH Shit I have no BNB left to harvest a yield or do anything.  I can't even pay the gas to convert another coin.  Unfortunately, I am dumb enough to have spent all my Ethereum and all my BNB and not had enough to do anything.  I also couldn't send any of the coins out because I didn't have any money for gas.  I figured out by process of elimination my only option was to send money to myself.  I needed to send Ether and BNB.

I had about $20 left in my Binance USA account and converted it to BNB and sent it on over.  I have had to save my wallet a few times.  I wonder if there is a less annoying way to get some gas?

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