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What is Yield Farming

You can stake coins and provide liquidity to Automated Market Makers and receive a percentage back of what you stake.  This is your yield.  Different protocols offer different rates at different times.  Many release the same amount of coins per block and the rate depends on how many people are in the pool.  If there are less people staking, you get a bigger share of the reward.

The process of moving money from pool to pool and from LP to LP is called yield farming.  It is called harvesting when you take your earned coins out of the pool or reinvest them.  The various new coins that come out are calling themselves farms instead of tokens and they are becoming public entities through Initial Farm Offerings.  One of the best places to find IFO or initial farm offerings is on Pancake Swap.  Typically you need to purchase BNB Cake Flip tokens and stake them.  They see how many were staked in total and how many you staked and then sell you a corresponding amount. 

It appears that these IFOs offer very few coins to people.  The other way to get new coins is by adding Cake to the Syrup pools.  If you add cake to a Syrup pool you can earn more Cake or other coins like BitTorrent Token BTT or BEP20 Pegged Tron.  Lots of cool tokens to earn if you don't want more Cake.  They are issued per block so take a look at how much is already in the pool.  If you are going to increase the pool significantly you will also decrease the yield for everyone significantly.  You may want to spread out or get more Cake.

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