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What is WalletConnect?

DApps or Decentralized Applications are apps -normally consisting of a decentralzied protocol- that companies do not manage and where users interact directly without intermediaries between them, generally through a blockchain. This fact makes them very popular and increasingly used, to the point that the market will multiply by four by 2026. So, if you want to discover what Dapps are and learn about the best examples of decentralized applications, read on to the end!

What exactly are DApps or Decentralized Applications?

DApps or decentralized applications are a particular category of applications that operate based on a decentralized network of computers. The data generated by this application is hosted on a network of computers that allows this information to be kept secure and accessible.

This decentralized network is a DLT usually based on blockchain technology. To give a more straightforward example, we could imagine a DApp as a well-known application such as Facebook, Tinder, or Robinhood. Still, instead of running on a central server (usually several), it runs on a network consisting of thousands of nodes or computers.

 What is WalletConnect?

WalletConnect is a digital software that enables your wallet to communicate with other wallets and DApps. WalletConnect uses encrypted linkage between your wallet and the DApp; through this process, WalletConnect scans a QR code or a link. This system creates notifications for users on transactions taking place. The app of WalletConnect is available in Android and iOS mobile.

How can I connect my Dapp with WalletConnect 

 1. Access your DApp.

 2. Scan the QR Code.

 4. Go to the settings in your wallet. Your camera will open automatically so that you can scan the code.

 5. Immediately after, a window will open. At this point, you have to tap the button connect

Advantages of WalletConnect over a centralized application

1# Security

The main advantage is the security of the application. The fact that this application is running on a network made up of thousands of nodes guarantees that even if one or more nodes of the network on which it is running go down, it can continue to function.


This does not happen in the case of a centralized application running on a central server. If this is attacked, it will affect the continuity of the service, and the application will stop working. Have you ever felt that your Whatsapp stopped working for a few hours? Well, that happened because the central server went down.

2# WalletConnect is Decentralized

Although we have already commented it repeatedly, decentralization is an excellent advantage of DApps. Especially for those applications that have to have a high level of fault tolerance.

Moreover, this is a competitive advantage that increases over time, since the larger the network on which the DApp relies, the more computers (or nodes) there will be in the system. The more complicated it will be for it to crash or collapse.

3# WalletConnect is based on free software

Finally, one of the main pillars or benefits of WalletConnect is that its construction has been developed around free software. This allows a large community of developers to provide service and support to the network and achieve a high level of transparency and security.

 Final Thoughts

WalletConnect is a decentralized DApp that is earning more popularity every day worldwide. Most of its users report that the design of the application is very friendly and that it is easy to learn how to use it; also, a really important advantage of this DApp is that it adapts to the current demands of the market, as every day there are more crypto wallets with applications for mobile phones, meaning that this DApp makes it easier to connect to more digital wallets.

Final Thoughts

WalletConnect is a popular DeFi DApp tool all over the world. It's something that only takes a few minutes to learn how to use, but allows you to access a variety of different services. With cryptocurrency wallets becoming increasingly mobile, WalletConnect is a useful tool for accessing DApps on the go.

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