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We do we sell shirts, stickers and mugs?

Our mission is to become the most reliable website for hardware wallets and bitcoin safety related content. 

Our goal isn't to make money.  We hope we make money, but we will stay in business at break even as long as we can carry out our mission of helping people safely enter the world of crypto. 

In order to drive traffic to the website, we needed to get creative.  The profit margin on wallets is razor thin and we know that in the short run it will be difficult to become profitable selling items that are low margin and paying for traffic. 

For every product we sell, we can request a Google Review.  It will take about 20 purchases to get 1 review.  If we only sold expensive wallets, it would take a very long time to get a few hundred reviews.  By selling less expensive items, we will hopefully be able to prove ourselves as a great store in less time with lower dollar transactions.

We plan to to compete on service and reliability.  We are in the process of getting certified by all of our vendors and added to their reseller page to show customers that we are the legitimate reseller of the product for the United States.  We have an address where you can come pickup a wallet and say hi to us.

If your choice is to buy a wallet off of a 3rd party reseller on Amazon or from us, please give us a chance.  We will match Amazon's prices too if you send us an email.

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