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Wallets compatible with Binance Smart Chain - BEP20

As you will find out by reading this blog, I am a huge fan of Binance Smart Chain.  Here is a complete list of wallets that are compatible with BSC.  We carry several of the compatible hardware wallets.  If you are ready to leave Ethereum behind and start yield farming for pennies, BSC is probably a good option for you.


Wallet Support

  • List of Wallets Supporting Binance Chain Mainnet
Number Wallet Name Website DEX Feature Available Testnet Support WalletConnect Support
1 Trust Wallet trustwallet.com/ Yes Yes Yes
2 Trubi Wallet trubi.io/ Yes No Yes
3 Ledger (Hardware Wallet) ledger.com/ Yes, via Binance.org and Trubi Yes, via Binance.org and Trubi Yes, via Binance.org and Trubi
4 CoolWallet (Hardware Wallet) coolwallet.io/ Yes, via Binance.org and Trubi Yes, via Binance.org and Trubi Yes, via Binance.org and Trubi
5 Arkane arkane.network/ Yes Yes No
6 Enjin enjinwallet.io/ No No No
7 Magnum Wallet Yes No Yes
8 Coinomi Wallet coinomi.com/ Yes No Yes
9 Atomic Wallet atomicwallet.io No No Yes
10 ZelCore Wallet zeltrez.io/ Yes No Yes
11 Infinito Wallet infinitowallet.io/ Yes No Yes
12 Math Wallet mathwallet.org/en/ Yes No Yes
13 Ellipal Wallet ellipal.com/ Yes No No
14 Exodus exodus.io/ No No No
15 HooWallet hhoo.com/ No No No
16 MEET.ONE Wallet meet.one/ Yes No Yes
17 Guarda Wallet guarda.co/ No No No
18 DDEX Wallet ddex.io/ Yes No No
19 Equal Wallet equal.tech/ Yes Yes Yes
20 Pundi X Wallet pundix.com/ No No No
21 Arax Wallet arax.io No No No
22 SafePal Wallet (Hardware Wallet) safepal.io Yes No Yes
23 Zengo Wallet zengo.com/ No No No
24 TokenPocket Wallet tokenpocket.pro/ No No Yes
25 Cobo Wallet cobo.com/ No No Yes
26 Midas Wallet midasprotocol.io No No No
27 Cosmostation Wallet cosmostation.io/ No Yes Yes
28 Trezor trezor.io/ No No Yes
29 Mixin mixin.one No No No
30 Ownbit hownbit.io No No No
31 Frontier frontierwallet.com/ No Yes No
32 D'CENT Wallet dcentwallet.com/ No Yes No

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