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Twitter is the most undervalued company of all time

Twitter is the most undervalued company in the world.

Doge is worth 41 billion and Twitter's market cap is only 48 billion.  How can Doge be worth almost the same amount as Twitter.  Square has a market cap of 100 billion.  Facebook has a market cap of a trillion.  Facebook is not worth 20 times more than Twitter.  AT and T is worth 200 billion.  They are the largest media company and they have little power compared to Twitter.  There is no alternative to Twitter.  You can use Verizon or watch Netflix.  There is no substitute for Twitter.

People are not evaluating Twitter properly.  Twitter will never be an advertising cash cow.  That is not what it was built for.  Twitter has become the central public communication method of the people.  Twitter starts wars.  Twitter gets help to people.  Twitter is the most powerful entity on the planet.  Twitter has servers and redundancy and protects those servers with private armies.  Twitter is powerful enough to ban a president from using its method of communication.

If I were the Koch brothers, I would be buying Twitter.  Twitter is the media and who doesn't want to control the media?  Facebook doesn't matter.  Snap doesn't matter.  All that matters is Twitter.  Twitter doesn't need to be profitable.  It needs to be powerful.  The power of Twitter is worth trillions of dollars.  The ability to control who can tweet and who can't tweet is worth trillions.  Who gives a shit about ad revenue?  Money is of little importance when it comes to Twitter.  Controlling the world's direct source of information can be purchased right now for the low low price of 48 billion dollars.  Who wants it?

We do not own Twitter stock TWTR but we probably will buy it after reading the article we wrote.  We convinced ourselves.

Update 6/16/2021 I just bought some Twitter for my 401K and for my trading account.  I got it around $60.00.  I woke up today and still believed in my thoughts on Twitter from yesterday.  Sometimes I wake up and I decide the idea is crazy but I think my Twitter theory is pretty good.  Some company will want Twitter's method of communication and distribution for something even if its just for internal communication.  Companies spend billions of dollars installing SAP and Salesforce.  Why wouldn't a company just snatch Twitter for its IP.  The market cap of Blackberry is 7.2 billion and they aren't even relevant.  The market cap of Roblox is 48 billion.  I only sort of know what it is because my friends' kids play it.  Otherwise I might not know what it does.  Is Roblox something that nations need to consider when making policy?  Probably not.  I bet they think about Twitter.  How could Twitter be worth the same as fucking Roblox?  I own Roblox stock so I believe in the company but it isn't a worldwide beacon like Twitter.

Update 6/23/2021 Twitter is up to $66.00 right now.  I don't think the rest of the market is up 10% since last week.  I still own my Twitter that I bought at $60 and I plan on holding it until the rest of the world realizes that Twitter is the shit.  I even updated my own Twitter account and put out a tweet about this article.  I have had my Twitter account since 2009 but I have barely used it and I don't have more than a few hundred followers.  Maybe it is time to get the Led out and start tweeting about my stock and crypto thoughts.

I am not a licensed broker, I am long Twitter and Roblox.

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