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TurtleDex Rug Pull

I have been doing some research on rug pulls.  That is term often used when a cryptocurrency stop functioning and steals all of your money.  It can be done by liquidating a liquidity pool.  It can be done by the creator of a coin using a back door.  There are so many ways to lose all of your money.  Banks are regulated by various governing bodies.  Brokerage houses are regulated and are supposed to follow rules.  Fuck you Robinhood and your bullshit worthless $70 million dollar fine.  You are the worst fucking scum stealing from the poor and giving to the hedge funds.

Sorry for the digression, I just think Robinhood's board should go to jail.  So back to rug pulls.  The rug pull I want to talk about is Turtle Dex.  This Dex was even audited buy a 3rd party which means that 3rd party audits are bullshit in the crypto space.

They stole 9000 BNB from their users and then transferred into Ether and had the nerve to put it in Binance.  Makes you wonder if it has anything to do with Binance.  Could it be that Binance is finding the holes in Binance Chain and exploiting them itself?  There isn't anyone to stop them.  Binance is now a company without a real home and that no one can regulate and no one can take down.

Binance has been kicked out of a few countries and cities but that doesn't mean you can't access it or can't use Binance Smart Chain.  Eventually all exchanges will need their own currency and their own Decentralized chain.

I would buy a Coinbase coin or a Kraken coin to save on trading charge.  They will literally raise billions of dollars and have a coin in the top 20 overnight.  It will be like ICP.  Internet Computer (not to be confused with Insane Clown Posse) was worth billions the day it hit the market.  I haven't done any research into that token so I don't get why it is worth so much.  Same thing with Shiba.  How the hell did it get to be worth billions of dollars over night?

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