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Trust Wallet Crypto Wallet Review

Trust Wallet is the best software wallet for Binance Smart Chain

Trust Wallet is our absolute favorite software wallet right now.  It does everything we want except for one thing.  We can't access Heco chain and that is definitely on our short list of things we want to be able to do.  With Trust Wallet being controlled by Binance and Heco Chain being a Huobi project, I wonder if Binance holds off from adding Heco to their bridge and to their wallet.

Trust wallet works great on iOS devices of all sizes.  A lot of wallets and exchanges look great on an iPhone but don't size properly when you use them an iPad.  Make sure you don't back your iPad up and keep all of your data local.  You only need to attach the wallet to your network when you want to make a transaction.  You can get a watch wallet if you plan on holding.

I now have Heco Chain on my mind.  I downloaded the Huobi Wallet to try it out.  I thought I used the MDEX bridge to take some HT from wrapped HT on Ethereum to real HT on HECO.  I am not sure how I messed up but I ended up just moving Ether from one wallet to another staying on the same chain.

I gave up and haven't tried again.  I think it might be too early for Huobi Chain.  Look at all the problems Binance Smart Chain has to work out with liquidity theft and price manipulation of oracles.  I am sure there are more problems to come as new chains come out by, Kucoin, Huobi, and Binance.  I wonder when Coinbase builds CoinChain.

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