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Trust Wallet removes ability to use browser on iOS

Even though I sell hardware devices, I still use a Trust Wallet and iOS for trying things out and simplicity.  Apple just forced Trust Wallet to get rid of their Dapp browser.  That was the main reason I liked Trust Wallet.  It was so easy to interact with dapps and the Bridge.  It was easy to add a VPN when needed using software I use every day.  Now I am going to have to figure out how to redo everything using Walletlink or Walletconnnect or maybe even suck it up and get a current Android device.

It is not acceptable for Apple force Wallets to lose their browsers.  Apple better fix this and fix this fast.  I have nothing I can do to make them but I really liked my Trust Wallet and browser and now I will need a minimum of two devices.

If I am going to need two devices, than it is time to move some funds over to Safepal and DCent.  Although I should probably check to make sure the Safepal browser is safe still.  If its not, I will need 3 devices.  Crypto just took a big step back in simplicity.

I can't believe I can't use Defi on the go with Trust Wallet and iOS anymore.  It just seems crazy.  This is the problem with the current state of Defi.  Big companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft can make it very hard to access.  Apple is not the operating system of the people.  Don't trust your funds to any software that isn't open source.  You don't want to find out one day that you bet on the wrong wallet or the wrong exchange and all your money is gone.  Don't trust any companies.  Only trust the chain and its code.

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