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Trezor Suite is now officially available.

After many closed and public beta updates, the new version is ready for download or web use.

The new Trezor Hardware Wallets desktop and web interface, called Trezor Suite, is now officially available, replacing the previous web wallet.

Already in use by thousands of customers for more than six months, Trezor Suite has been undergoing testing, fixes, and enhancements. As reported by the company, the version released this week does not introduce any surprising new features but rather rounds up loose ends and completes previous enhancements, such as the Learn & Discover menu and onboarding process, that was released to beta in recent weeks.

So, after many rounds of closed and public beta updates, the new version is now ready for download or web use. Trezor Suite thus replaces the Trezor Wallet web app as the primary interface for its Trezor hardware wallet, which, according to the company, brings greater security, usability, and privacy to cryptocurrencies.

Trezor Suite, famous for being one of the most secure ways to manage cryptocurrencies, is best experienced as a desktop application. Not only does this reduce exposure to phishing, but as a standalone program, it has far more applications and functionality than a website. Trezor Suit leverages this to boost privacy by using the TOR network and setting up its full nodes and CoinJoin transactions.

For the official release, the developers have focused on stability, so the latest update contains bug fixes to ensure that new users of the Suite can enjoy a smooth experience.

The development of Trezor Suite will continue with monthly releases, introducing even more new features, such as coin control, full node support, and CoinJoin, making it one of the most practical ways to use crypto assets to their full potential.

One of the reasons this update is essential is that it was common for hackers to create fake versions of the site to steal with the web version alone.

"A desktop application provides more robust protection and reduces the number of bugs or vulnerabilities that could cause you to lose your keys or coins. "

Trezor Suite.


Essential features of Trezor Suite include client usability, privacy, and security.

The publication explains that Suite makes it easier and safer to use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in terms of usage. The user gets a complete picture of all available assets and a graph of their deposits and withdrawals from its dashboard. "Everything is kept in one place, so you don't have to jump between applications or risk stumbling upon a phishing site" or scam.

The blog also provides details about privacy features. For example, it explains that they add a button to activate Tor, generate new addresses automatically for each transaction, add lock time and stealth mode.

It also stresses the use of cryptocurrencies without compromising customer security. In this regard, the desktop application tries to mitigate the risk of phishing, which is often used to obtain confidential user information by impersonating a trusted entity. In addition, this desktop version allows the isolation of cloned sites and malicious links.

The blog announces that "sophisticated features" such as full node support, known as CoinJoin, as well as a password manager, will be adopted in the coming months to take advantage of the software's architecture.

Is anything new in the current version?

Although Trezor Suite has been tested by thousands of users for more than six months, during this time, it has undergone modifications that have allowed it to test, improve and correct several of its features.

The website clarifies that this new version does not introduce significant changes but only ties up loose ends and finishes its previous improvements. It cites as an example the "Learn and Discover" menu and the user welcome process it recently launched for the beta version.

Trezor explains that they have focused on stability for this official release. Therefore, they have resorted to fixing the latest update so that new users will not have problems using Suite.

Hardware wallets: secure option for bitcoin self-custody

Trezor also reports that it will be launching an early access module, which will allow users to test some new features before they are incorporated into production software.

A hardware wallet is a device specially designed to secure and safeguard the private keys of your cryptocurrencies. Its primary security method involves storing the private keys in a remote machine, preventing third parties from accessing them remotely.

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