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Trezor gets new firmware and new Trezor Suite

Trezor Firmware and Trezor Suite Software Upgrade

Does anyone else get excited about firmware updates and new software?  Maybe it is just me.  I know the Trezor can work with Metamask, but I really would like to be able to use it for Defi without Metamask.  I am not sure if that is asking too much.  I love Safepal's software hardware combination.  I would hope one day Trezor might go that direction.

I haven't updated yet.  I am still working on my Ellipal project and getting that updated.  Trezor updates are a piece of cake compared to most other wallets.  From what I read, this update should make it easier to work with ERC20 tokens which is a great thing.  Since BEP20 is so similar, hopefully they are on their way to adding Binance Smart Chain and eventually HECO chain.

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