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There is a new Meme coin in town and its EverGrow

The EverGrow token is brand new and gaining popularity very quickly.  It is a deflationary reflexive token that rewards it token holders and penalizes its sellers.  Unlike popular compeitor Safemoon which rewards you with additional Safemoon, EverGrow rewards you with BUSD which is essentially US Dollars.

That is a pretty interesting concept.  You can purchase a bunch now while it is cheap and if it survives, you could get a hefty dividend in US dollars.  As you know from reading my blog, I am very pro Pancake Swap and Bincance Chain.  I believe they are the right combination of corporation and Defi.  They have profits in mind and they have an interest in protecting the value of BNB.  As long as BNB gets spent and the value goes up, does it really matter if BNB is being spent on chain or being spent when you use the CEX?

I am not aware of any other coin that yields in a stable coin.  That is pretty novel.  I wonder how they are able to do it.  Either they have a big fund backing them or I fear that they will go to try and sell their EverGrow token for BUSD and they won't be able to get any and they leave everyone stiffed.

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