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USDT US Dollar Tether is not safe!! Stay away!

US dollar Tether is a disaster waiting to happenStable coin my ass.  It tuns out that Tether is no safer than having money in a local bank account.  Your keys, your funds they say?  No one can touch your wallet they say?  Not if Tether blacklists your wallet, freezes your Tether, and then reissues it to the person of their choice.  This just happened a week or two ago.  Who at Tether makes that decision?  Is it a single person?  Tether could do the biggest rug pull of all time.  Tether could fail sending the crypto markets into a downward spinning abyss.  Watch out for this company.  Consider using a different stable coin.

We learned that Tether isn't backed by hard currency about a year ago.  Now we know that Tether is far from decentralized and picks favorites.  That tells me that people are going to start getting scared.  Everyone has some reason for someone to sue them and try to freeze their funds.  An ex partner, an ex-wife, taxes.  Well, now you know that if you own Tether, there is a chance that Tether can freeze your funds and be forced by a government to comply by handing over your crypto.

We also know that Opensea will blacklist your NFT and make it worthless if you steal it or get accused of stealing it.  I am not in favor of stealing, but I am also not in favor of companies being able to control the future of decentralized markets.  If Tether was run by a DAO of Tether owners, I would feel much better about their decisions.

You know who doesn't listen to governments?  Bitcoin and Monero.  Tether working with a government is the most bullish sign for Bitcoin that I have seen in a long time.  You can't risk holding Tether long term.  Bitcoin is below 43K.  I think it could go as low as 30K to get rid of all the new money.  Once it shakes out the scared, it is going to hit 100K.  There is nothing stopping it.  (I hold less than a single Bitcoin)

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