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Tether costs $1.04

Tether is a dollar four

There is no where totally safe in the world of crypto but one of the most stable is probably Tether.  Right now there is a 4 cent premium to buy Tether.  I have to imagine there must be a stable coin closer to the dollar.  If moved your Tether to Binance Smart Chain could you trade it for BUSD and make 4%.  Let's check it out.  It looks like all the stable coins are at a premium which is kind of weird because you would think people would be selling them and buying Bitcoin.  I wonder how Bitcoin is going up right now if people aren't selling stable coins.  Perhaps it is actually fresh new money coming to boost the market cap.

If you check out Coin Gecko you will see that the market cap is rising right now.  Bitcoin looks like it took a little break at 39K but I don't think it is done.  We are definitely breaking 40K before I go to sleep tonight.  More likely before I go to dinner.  The global market cap is up 100 billion over the past 24 hours.  That is a lot of money going really quickly.  Perhaps the whales at the Miami conference decided to double down on their bets.

Personally we think that buying Bitcoin at about 30K last week will go down in history as a very good decision.  In our opinion that was the last of the affordable dips and the next dips will be when 120K goes down to 90K or something like that.  In other words buy your Bitcoin now before you can't afford any.  There is no coin like Bitcoin and with the adoption of a sovereign government, Bitcoin now has an army and has officially become to big to fail.  If the US government messes with it, it is now messing with the currency of El Salvador.  Its not the same thing as messing with the currency of the Dark Web.

That was crazy.  For a moment, it was possible to make money trading a dollar for a dollar.  That just shows how many inefficiencies are still in the market and how much room there is for arbitrage trading.  I have not found much success in trading.  The best I did was when I left my Binance account and Coinbase accounts alone for 3 years and then all of a sudden BNB had value and Bitcoin was back up to $20K.  I had trouble accessing the accounts since I had been through a couple of different cell phones and authentication apps.

Eventually I was able to recover almost everything.  THere is still a lonely famliy of about 90 cryptokitties that I bred that I am not able to recover.  I miss them.

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