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Terra Luna Lunab and all other Lunas still suck!

We were holders of Luna and that didn't go well.  As the price took a dive, we loyal LUNAtics were unable to sell our coins.  We were the few the proud the brave and also the stupid enough ones to lock our tokens as staking validators.  For the huge return of 8% I got to lose all of my Luna.  Well I still have the Luna, in fact I have much more Luna that I used to have.  They are giving ridiculous returns on it and I don't have enough Luna to unstake it and I don't to spend any money on unstaking Luna when it is only worth $1.20.  What a big waste of money, time and confidence.  It will be a very long time before I try things like Kebab swap or Burger Swap or even Open Sea and connect to Discord. 

Things just aren't that safe yet.  I think there will come a time when it is as safe to own an NFT as it is to own a baseball card but that time is not upon us yet.  Right now it is not that safe and lots of people are going to be tricked out of their hard earned money.  In the meantime, I am going to limit my investments to primarily Bitcoin with a small side of Ethereum, Avax, Mana, and Solana.  I am OK with all of them going to zero except for Bitcoin and Ethereum.  The others are just gambles.  Bitcoin and Ethereum should last.

Bitcoin is far more usable than people realize.  If I want to send you a few dollars in Bitcoin and we both have Lightning enabled wallets, that transaction can go really quickly and have a very low cost.  I have sent $100 to a friend a couple of times and it was only a few cents.

With the scarcity of Bitcoin and the interest of big money, Bitcoin has a lot of advantages over alt coins.  With the disapperance of billions of dollars of Terra which supposedly had Bitcoion and a super smar alogrhytm makes us all wonder what is going to be the next big failure.  I was able to avoid a couple of big rug pulls and perhaps Terra isn't a rug pull but it sure feels like one.

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