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Suterusu Syrup Pool

This is the second time I have seen a Suterusu syrup pool on Pancakeswap.  They are also increasing the bonus on the Suterusu farm to get more liquidity.  Unlike Rabbit Finance that appears to have come out of nowhere, Suter has been around for a few years.  It is also a lot more liquid.  There are 5 or 6 major exchanges that trade it.  That makes it a lot less likely of a bank run.

The price of Suter has been as high as 8 cents and now it is about .2 cents so there is a lot of room for it to go up.  I am not saying you should buy it, but it does seem like a legit project from my cursory observations.

It appears to be a layer 2 protocol that provide anonymity.  That seems to be a big thing these days.  You have incognito network, Verge, Monero, Secret, and several others figuring out how to keep transactions private.

Everyone thinks that Bitcoin is private but it is actually the opposite.  Bitcoin is probably the most public way that you could make a transaction.  It is written permanently on the bockchain probably forever and anyone can look it up anytime.

If you want to keep things private you need to look at layer 2 solutions and coins that offer privacy.  To the best of my knowledge the only privacy coin that you can trust is Monero.  I am not aware of any other coins being as safe and secure as Monero.

Monero is the ultimate in privacy and having a wrapped coin that is private is not the same as having an actual private coin that is liquid.  The problem with these layer two solutions is liquidity.  What happens if you can't unwrap your Poly pegged Ether?  What are you going to do?  I like to know that I have a real coin and not a pegged coin.  I want it on the correct chain and I want to have exit plans that involve Centralized Exchanges and Decentralized exchanges and wallets depending on what happens,.

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