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Staking for Service the new business model

Planet Fitness should have an initial coin offering and charge something like $5000.00  They should sell 1 million of these coins and keep the rest.  Each coin represents a membership.  Once the coins are purchased members would need to restake them to access the benefits of membership.  This would give the company a cash influx of 5 billion dollars that they can do whatever they want.  If someone wants to no longer have access to the gym they can unstake the token and sell it on OpenSea or through Uniswap.

This is a simple version of my stake for service model.  It works for lots of things.  You could have AMC sell a token that gets you unlimited movies as long as you stake it.  You can have a city give you unlimited bus rides for staking a city token.

Someone could resell Hulu or Neflix and offer it as incentive to stake a token.  You can't earn anything with a savings account.  Now is the time for stake for service to start.  Nightclubs can come out with coins that you can use to be VIP at the club.  Amusement parks can sell limited amounts of Tokens that let you get some sort of special package.

Disney could sell Disney Tokens and if you stake them back you get free Disney Plus and a yield.  They could be minimum of $1000.

There is already a free lottery called pooltogether where you can keep playing as long as you keep your money in the pot and you can withdraw it at any time.  They earn interest with the shared funds and then someone will win them.

I could provide unlimited Tech Support if people stake $5000 of Cake with me.  I could take the Cake and restake it in AutoCake earning about 110APY.  In theory I would earn about $500 a month and could give the customer back their cake at any time and stop the service.

There is so much cash on the sidelines that just does nothing.  What is the point of having 30k in the bank and then paying for every little service.  I say you stake your 30k and get your services for free.  Stake Amazon coin to get free Amazon Prime.  Stake Roku coin for free device and extra programming.

Stake Mattel coin to get Star Wars of the month figure.  So many ways to take peoples money by providing just a little bit of value.  People are going to start getting rewarded for cash.  Interest rates at banks will need to go up in order to compete with Defi.

I believe we are in the middle of mass inflation and I think the central bank will be forced to raise interest rates in an attempt to slow down inflation.  In addition with competition from Defi and crypto, banks will need to pay interest for people to keep money doing nothing in a bank.  Its only a matter of time before I can direct deposit my paycheck into Coinbase and skip the banking system.

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