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Staking Cake

Pancake Bunny Defi AMM

We have been scouring Defi for about 8 months trying to find the perfect protocol.  It started last year with Uniswap and led us to a switch to Binance Smart Chain and eventually staking Cake.  We tried all kinds of other protocols like Mdex, Apeswap, Kebabswap, Thunderswap, Blizzard swap, and 10 other somethingswaps.

I figured out how to provide liquidity to Uniswap but I wasn't able to figure out how to really make money.  I noticed that my LP tokens didn't seem to go up as much as the actual coins.  I gave up and just held Ethereum Defi coins.

Now I think the safest and best option is just to stake Cake.  You don't have any impermanent loss.  Your coins go up properly when coin goes up and you get about 90 percent APR and 140 percent APY.

Every day we try to find better protocols.  We look at Apeswap and Goose Finance but none of them have a business model that seems sustainable and their token are at all time lows.  I don't understand why someone woud stake Egg when they could stake Cake.

I have tried staking cake for other coins and it always turns into a mess trying to figure out how to convert them back to Cake.  It ends up being best to just do Cake on Auto and hope you earn more coins and that it at least doesn;t go down.  If you buy cake and it doesn't go down, you shouldhave 125% more in 365 days.


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