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Staking BNB with Trust Wallet

There are. a lot of different ways to make money in crypto.  One of the easiest ways is by staking a coin.  You stake a coin by allowing another protocol to access it and use it for liquidity.  Right now I am soft staking Luna using Kraken and I am staking BNB token using Trust Wallet.  Trust Wallet allows you to easily stake a coin and earn a little extra BNB.  THe only catch with staking is that there are usually small fees for going in and out.  Trust wallet forces you to stake for a miniumum of 7 days.  They hold your money until you want it back and after you want it back, they hold it for 7 more days.

There are lots of other chains that will alllow you to stake.  I was staking Joe token for a while on Avalance but I decided that Joe was not the right token for me.  The cool thing about staking Joe is that you get back USDC and then you can use that to buy Joe and restake.  There are some fees that make it hard to do all of the time and I am not sure how save Avalanche is.  Right now I want to trust the big boys.  I feel safest in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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