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Stake Cake and get access to IFO

Trader Joe XYZ

Cake has not been one of my favorite coins for the past few months.  It has really gone to shit.  They had so much potential and then the released the NFTs and fell off a cliff.  It looks like they have finally gotten their hands out of their pants and they are ready to make some money.  If you own Cake coin and you have an active profile, you can stake Auto Cake and earn ability to buy tokens during the next IFO.  I am staking right now and it looks like I can keep it there for the next 5 days.  I am earning more Cake coins and earning the right to buy whatever the IFO coin is.  I am going to buy most of them pretty blindly and just hope for now that one of them turns out to be a Sandbox or Mana.

With the new found benefit of participating in an IFO, it could give some new life to the dead Cake coin.  You would think the main Dex on the 3rd biggest network would have some cache but it just doesn't  Trader Joe is becoming way more popular and the token price is going to lap Cake in the not too distant future.  I am currently staking Cake and staking Joe.

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