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Square Hardware Wallet for Cryptocurrency - Jack Dorsey

Square is making a hardware wallet for crypto

Jack Dorsey and the team at Square are busy at work inventing the next generation hardware wallet.  As a seller of hardware wallets, you must imagine that I am extremely interested.  In fact, I have applied for multiple jobs at Twitter and Square so that I could be part of the team that develops it.  I have worked with about 20 different hardware wallets and about 15 software wallets and I definitely have my favorites.  I would love to work at Square, but if they won't take me, maybe they can at least take some of my suggestions on how to build the ultimate hardware wallet.

I would like a wallet where I don't have to update it.  Every time I update a hardware wallet and attach it to a computer, I get nervous that somehow it will get hacked.

I would like a wallet that doesn't ever touch my computer.  I want it to use cameras, walletconnect, and QR codes.  

I don't want to have to use software on my phone or on my computer.  I want to go to a website and login with wallet connect,

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