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Solana is going to Nirvana

Solana Monkey Business

Wow, out of nowhere a blockchain called Solana is knocking out big players from the top 10.  It is barely compatible with any of my wallets.  I don't own any monkey NFTs but I do own a bunch of Solana.  I bought it right before Bitcoin started falling.  It was one of my better trades.  I think it is going to keep going up for a while.  Solana seems to be a solid competitor to Binance Chain for being the Pepsi of blockchain.  Meaning number two with Ethereum being the Coke or Coca Cola of blockchain.

I was able to buy Solana on Coinbase and Kraken.  That means all US citizens have pretty good access.  I was also able to trade for Solana and hold Solana in Kucoin which means the rest of the world has access.  Once Solana is integrated into a mainstream wallet, I think it will go even higher.  I am pretty into blockchain and I don't know the exact steps for getting Solana in my wallet so I can buy a monkey and make it my avatar.  Why should I even pay?  I am going to just put a picture of a money on my page and not pay anyone.  I don't own it but what is ownership in the new digital age of Github.

Here is my monkey,  It is monkey 2058 and costs 300 solana.  I would need to spend $60,000 to own this avatar for real.  If I owned it, I could hold it, wrap it and stake it or sell it.  Not much.  Without owning it, I can just download the png and post it.  Look I have a $60,000 monkey picture too.

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