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Shopify turned off our payments

Today was a rough day for  Shopify has decided that our products go against their terms and conditions.  They have removed my ability to take credit cards.  I am still able to take crypto and I am still able to take Paypal.  The best way to do a transaction would be to arrange it with me outside of the Shopify platform so they don't take their 3%. 

I was finally able to get a bank account that accepted my hardware wallets.  For the record, Mercury bank has been a pleasure to work with and got my account open in a day.

I have attached Mercury to my Paypal but I am not able to take standard credit cards through the normal payment system.  I will need to use one of those payment systems reserved for porn and fireworks.  It costs more and the services is worse.

I am going to try an fight Shopify a little bit but I will probably need to make the move to a different host.  Perhaps Square is more crypto friendly.  If you have suggestions for a credit card processor that I can integrate with Shopify, please send me an email.  If you would like to help me sue Shopify so they change their rule, well that is OK too.

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