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Shift Crypto changing name to Bitbox

We are thrilled to bring to your attention an essential evolution taking place with one of our esteemed partners, Shift Crypto. In a strategic move to strengthen brand identification, they are embracing their flagship hardware wallet's name, the BitBox02, and are transitioning their brand name to BitBox. This shift is aimed at enhancing clarity and creating a more unified identity, minimizing any potential confusion when referring to their products.

Notable Alterations: Their online presence has been updated to reflect the new brand. Former domains and are now and, respectively. Although the earlier domains will stay operational, acting as a testament to their legacy and redirecting to the new domains. Certain auxiliary domains, like, will retain their original URLs for now.

When it comes to social media, BitBox is taking center stage, fostering brand uniformity across platforms. Wherever 'BitBox' is unavailable, 'BitBoxSwiss' will be adopted as their social media handle.

As part of this transition, their email addresses will also be revamped, migrating from to Yet, to ensure continued communication, both old and new email addresses will remain functional for a while.

The company's legal name, Shift Crypto AG, is unchanged but will primarily be used for official documentation. In contrast, BitBox will be the face of most customer communications.

What Does This Mean for You?

BitBox02 Users: BitBox02 users need not worry as this transition will not affect the product usage in any way. Your hardware wallet continues to serve as usual. The only noticeable change would be during new device setup or updates. The URL now replaces and will serve for updates too.

Affiliates: During this transition, a redirect mechanism is set up to ensure the continued functionality of existing affiliate links. Affiliates have been individually contacted to update links to the new domain:

Partners and Resellers: BitBox is diligently reaching out to partners and resellers to keep them abreast of the updates and maintain seamless collaboration.

Support: Reach out to for any assistance. Their unwavering commitment to support remains intact, with the old support email also staying operational.

Why The Change?

The shift to the BitBox brand hinges on two fundamental factors: clarity and trust, and customer preference. Aligning the domain with the product name bolsters trust and eases user searchability, crucial for a security-focused company like BitBox. Additionally, the .ch extension in the previous domain was often misinterpreted, resulting in unwarranted trust issues.

The community's consistent referral to the company as BitBox also indicated a preference, prompting this alignment to enhance recognition and engagement.

In Conclusion:

This transition from Shift Crypto to BitBox marks an exhilarating phase for our partner. Through this alignment, they aim to deliver a more seamless and holistic experience to their users.

We extend our unwavering support during this transition and look forward to continuing to provide you with their industry-leading secure and user-friendly hardware wallets. For any queries or concerns regarding this change, feel free to connect with us.

Please note that the original article is hosted on domain as a security measure, ensuring that the transition is genuinely initiated by the BitBox team. You can verify this on their website.

Your trust is paramount, and we appreciate you being a part of the BitBox community!

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