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Samsung Galaxy is now one of the Best Wallet Options

I finally own an Android phone.  It isn't my main phone but I do own it so that I can use my Trust Wallet and Pancake Swap and other Dapps without using a second device.

The removal of the browser from Apple made me realize how dependent I was on Apple working for my wallet to work.  I want to try and be more universal and I think moving to Android is a good first step.

I learned a couple of lessons moving a wallet.  The first lesson is that you can have two devices with the same wallet installed and actively use both wallets to manage the account.  I was working two Trust wallets and it seemed to work OK.  I had one working on my iPhone and one on my new Galaxy.  I tried to do my first transaction on the Galaxy and it didn't work.  I was trying to unstable 10 Cake coins just to make sure I could and that I didn't have anything stuck.

I tried to pull them out and the transaction failed.  I checked and I had enough BNB so I wasn't;'t sure.  I tried again and failed.  This made me nervous that I had messed something up and locked myself out of my funds by using two wallets.  I thought to myself about how blockchain works and that my wallet couldn't be locked and it must be something else.

I remembered that I was logged into Walletconnect with my first wallet.  I went to my computer and logged out and now I can use both wallets with no issue.  I don't necessarily feel safer having two wallets but it does present some options I hadn't considered for duplicity and a system of backups.  For instance, I have been nervous to use one of my Bitcoin wallets because it stores the key on a sdram card.  If I can have two identical wallets, I will feel much safer having two SD ram backups.

I will need to experiment before I move any funds but it is always exciting to figure something out on blockchain when for a moment you are worried your funds are stuck and then all is good.

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