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How safe is SafeMoon?

SafeMoon Cryptocurrency Logo.  Safely to the Moon

Safemoon is the first crypto currency I have bought which has a penalty for both purchase and for selling.  In order to buy SafeMoon, you need to adjust the slippage on Pancake Swap to 12%.  There is a 10% fee to purchase the coin.  There is also a 10% fee to sell the coin.  Half of the fee gets redistributed to the other holders and half goes to the development team.

I like to buy risky things so of course a bought a few million shares of SafeMoon.  The price is way below a cent so I didn't spend much.  The crazy thing about this coin is that if you refresh your wallet, every time you refresh you have more SafeMoon.

The value of my purchase has not gone up yet and if I was to sell I would lose 10% of my coins which are already down from the purchase 10% tax and down because the coin just went down.

I tried to stake SafeMoon at Marshmallow swap but I wasn't able to do it.  I am not sure if this has anything to do with the Pancake Swap move to version 2.  I will give it a try again in a few weeks.  With the 10% tax, I probably won't sell the coin.  I'll just hold it until it goes to zero.  Or until it goes Safely to the Moon!

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