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Roku is going to build TVs (sort of)

Surely you've heard of Roku. Maybe your friends or family members mention from time to time that they watched a movie or a series "on their Roku". But do you know what Roku is, or does your head fill with doubts? How do you use it? Do you need a subscription to use it? Is it a device? Is it a software? Suffer no more; take a look at this article and you will become an expert in everything related to this streaming platform.

What is Roku?

Roku is a company that manufactures a family of media streaming devices running Roku software (the most recent version is Roku OS 10). The name means "six" in Japanese, because Roku is the sixth company launched by its founder, Anthony Wood. The company launched its first product, the Roku DVP, in 2008 and has been releasing new versions of its hardware and software on a regular basis ever since.

Unlike computers, home theater, gaming consoles or other internet-connected devices, Roku's streaming media players have always focused on providing a very simple way to access streaming video and audio content on a TV.

Whether it's Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video or hundreds of other services, a Roku device lets you watch them all, plus a wide variety of specialized "channels" that stream everything else from the spiritual to the bizarre.

Roku has entered an agreement with Foxconn to produce Roku televisions under the Sharp brand name.  Sharp is owned by Foxconn and is being resurrected for this deal.  Roku is getting into some dangerous territory here.  They are beginning to compete with their customers.  Maybe it doesn't matter because they are so big, but what is TCL going to think?  What are the chances of landing LG and Sony now?

Foxconn can pump out TVs and Roku can make lots of little devices.  They may lose some of their Television partnerships but it won't affect the content partnerships.  Building a TV shouldn't offend Netflix or Disney or Hulu.  In fact, the streaming companies should be happy that the viewership increased. Ads will get more expensive and Roku with generate more revenue.

I think people are underestimating how many people will start watching streaming TVs and start watching less streaming  on their computer and their phone.  Once you can buy a streaming TV for $200, people will start to have them in every home.  People will stop paying for satellite and cable and all we will need is one Internet pipe.

The Sharp deal is so huge.  All Sharp TVs will be Roku TVs.  Sharp probalby has a stronger brand name than Roku and people will buy the Sharp TV and fall in love with the Roku.

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