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Roku about to blow up even more

Roku is the biggest company to watch out for

The "dumb box" is getting smarter. This is the claim of some companies that promise to turn a conventional TV set into a "smart TV" (capable of offering on-demand television). The worldwide success of platforms such as Netflix and YouTube has made "streaming", a technology that allows files to be retransmitted "in real time" and without geographical limits, all the rage. It is the new online television.

Google (Chromecast), Amazon (Fire TV Stick) and Apple (Apple TV) are the tech giants that dominate this market. But there is a smaller company that is gaining prominence around the world and has generated controversy in Mexico.

Roku is my favorite public stock.  If you read my blog articles, you will see several posts about Roku.  The reason I love Roku is that I think the best comparison is Microsoft in the early 90s.  I think I have recognized a company with a similar trajectory.  Although Microsoft makes a lot of different hardware, it is primarily a software company.  It makes of its money by licensing software.  Microsoft is in most PCs and every Xbox.

I believe that Roku will be in every TV.  Eventually there will be a billion Roku Tvs and Roku boxes out in the market.  Roku will become one of the best ways for companies to advertise and deliver content.  You can order things from your Roku.  You can watch sports.  You should be able to gamble soon if not already. bought a sportsbook.

Roku gets a little bit of money from everything you do.  If you buy a movie they get a piece.  If you rent a movie they get a piece.  If you watch an ad they get a piece.  Roku bought part of Nielsen so they also have some of the best tracking software in the world.  You put world class tracking with streaming TV and hundreds of millions of users and you have one of the biggest companies in the world.  If Best Buy was smart they would buy Roku.  If anyone rich was smart they would buy Roku. I can't afford 60 billion but Amazon should buy them.  Google should buy them.

You read it here today that Roku is a 20 bagger.  I am calling a 20 times price increase over the next 3-5 years.  I own Roku stock and I am not a financial advisor.  Don't take my advice, do your own research. 

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