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Prokey Hardware Wallet Review

We just learned about a new wallet today.  It is called the Prokey and it comes out of Malaysia.  I have always wanted to go to Malaysia and perhaps I now have a reason.  I ordered 3 units from the website.  I will unbox one as soon as it arrives.  They had the option of FedEx for shipping for $15.00.  It says it will be here in less than a week.  I think that is worth the premium.  I wish Safepal offered paid shipping.  It takes about a month to get my Safepal orders.  So technically we don't have a review yet, but we will as soon as we get a device to try.  Once the Prokey Hardware wallet arrives, we will take pictures of the packaging and present all of our details on this page.  Please check back in a week.

Its two weeks later and our Prokey wallets arrived from Prokey.  The box was wrapped in plastic wrap but there wasn't a seal.  There also wasn't a seal on the device.  They use a very unique way of protecting you.  The device comes without any firmware.  If your device has firmware when you get it, you know it has been used.  As long as the device is safe, Prokey will let you add the firmware.  This means that you don't have to trust your reseller.  You only need to trust Prokey and if you are going to use their wallet, you already trust them.

The Prokey comes with a USB A to USB micro cable that hides and becomes part of the device.  All of my computers have USB C, so I can't use the cable that comes with the Prokey.  I have my own cables, but for someone not prepared, they may need and adapter

One of the nice things about this wallet is that you don't need to worry about Android or iOS since you can use it on any windows device or any Mac.  It also uses a standard 24 word seed recovery phrase based on the BIP39 standard.

We ordered 3 wallets.  1 to test and 2 to sell so we will be putting the Prokey up for sale in the next couple of days.  This wallet doesn't appear to be compatible with Defi but it does hold a wide range of tokens including XRP with its most recent firmware update.

It appears to be limited to Chrome and I don't think it works with iOS but I am not sure.  I will need to check with the Prokey team to get the best updates.

It doesn't appear to work with iOS but it does work with a chrome browser on most major platforms like Google OS and Linux.  It is a wallet you would probably leave at home because if you can't use your phone and have to use a PC or laptop, it won't make that much sense to keep it on you at all times.


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