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PPAI Promotional Products ASI and SAGE

Promotional products are imprinted goods that companies give out to help promote business.  I think that eventually Coinbase will be giving out wallets.  They need to increase their ecosystem so that more people use them for staking and trading and holding.  The more volume they get the more money they make.  They can keep offering better and better services including custom imprinted ledgers and Trezors.  I think Ledger already lets you get your company name printed on their device.

One of the main items for the promotional products industry and SAGE and ASI is small electronics and if a USB device is trustworthy, I imagine we can make sure the wallets are trustworthy too.  There is a lot of discounting in the promotional products area and a lot of coupons.  You can offen get next quantity pricing or get 10% off with purchase.

We have a sister company that is a member of ASI and they have been members of the Advertising Specialty Institute for 20 plus years.  If we can get access to wallets in high enough quantity we would consider joining but right now we are unable to get the supply that we need.

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