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Pancakeswap update

I am going to try and do daily Pancakeswap updates.

There is 79 million Cake in Auto Cake

There is 60 million in manual Cake

Total Cake supply is 183 million 

Current price of Cake is $15.55

Looking at the chart, Pancake has not done very well today.  It started around $16 and touched $16.5 before crashing down to $15.00.  There appears to be good support at $15 and now it is on its way up the last hour to $15.5.  According to Coin Gecko which is my main source of info, the price is currently $15.45 and the coin is up 1.6% over the last hour.  It is down 3.4% over the last day and down 42% the last 30 days.

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