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Pancake Squad NFTs, here is the plan for tonight

Pancake Swap NFTs were impossible to get at the drop

I was able to buy 4 tickets today at 11pm Chicago time.  If I don't fuck it up, I should be able to use those tickets to mint 4 bunnies.  In addition to the four that I should get for sure, I am also trying to buy another 26.  I have 3 trust wallets on 3 different devices setup with just enough BNB and Cake to be able to make the tranasactions.

A couple of the wallets aren't the most secure so I will be taking the NFTs out as soon as I can.  I wonder if I will be able to transfer to myself right away.

My kids have seen the bunnies and they are very excited.  They want daddy to get them some of the bunnies tonight.  They are getting used to digital prizes and digital collectibles.  It is going to be a big thing.  There are so many brands with lots of intrinsic value that can release tokens.  It will become the new method of raising money.

If AMC theater needs to raise 100 milion dollars, they can release movie coin and say that it gives you the right to get a discount or something stupid and then its not a security.  Its a coupon card.  There are ways to try to get around some of these crazy crypto laws.

I buy a lot of things online and I always get nervous.  Whether it is a new pair of jordans or a new poster that I like.  It is always a race to complete a transaction and nothing ever goes as its supposed to go.

I have been blocked from websites for refreshing too much.  I have been timed out.   I have been accused of being a bot.  I have had to answer repetitive captchas that prevented my purchase.

I have 3 separate wallet accounts and I made sure all three have active profiles.  I transferred about 3 grand of Cake into each account so that I could buy 10 tokens.  I also transferred some smart chain so that I can cover the transaction fees that might come up.

Its 20 minutes until drop time.  I am excited to try and get my first NFT drop.

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