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Pancake Squad Drops in 9 minutes

Pancake Swap Squad Drops on Binance Smart Chain


I have participated in a lot of drops or releases over the years.  I like Nike Air Jordans and I like going to sold out concerts.  I have been trying to get lucky on Ticketmaster for 30 years.  I have had good decades and bad decades.  This is a bad one.  Their technology is much smarter than me now.

In addition to sold out shoes, I also like to buy posters, hat pins, and small toys.  These are also often limited number items that sell at a specific time and then sell out.

With that in mind, I have been racing for puchases for decades.  This will be my first time racing to buy an NFT.  I have some crypto kitties and I minted a few of my own just for fun but I have not gotten into NFTs in a big way until BSC opened up its marketplace.

Pancake Swap is my favorite protocol on Smart Chain so it makes sense for these NFTs to be the first I really try to make money with.  I am pretty good at moving things around on Smart Chain and with such small fees, a mistake isn't usually that costly.

In preparation of tonights drop I purchased several gen 0NFTs.  I should have four in my wallet that allow me automatic tickets to 4 of the NFTs.  After that, I will need to try my luck like everyone else fighting to close a Binance transacdtion first

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