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Pancake Bunny NFTs finally have a purpose

Pancake Bunny NFTs from Pancake Swap have a utility!


Many months ago I bought a bunch of the Cake Pancake Bunny NFTs.  I was hoping they would go to the moon like crypto punks.  At that time I didn't realize how important it was for the NFT to be on Ethereum or for the data to be available on Opensea.  I bought way to many bunnies and they dropped in value pretty quickly.  Well as of today, they have a purpose.  In order to quality for Initial Farm Offerings on Pancake Swap, you need to have a Pancake Bunny as your profile picture.  That is a pretty big deal.  There are only 10,000 bunnies and I own like 15 of them so there are definitely less than 10,000 holders. 

I am excited to be able to participate in the Initial Farm Offerings and I am also excited that Pancake Swap gave some value to their NFT.  It was just a very expensive avatar incompatible with most wallets until today.  I think the price could easily go to $5000 per NFT.  People will pay good money to get first access to new coins.  Plus, its not like its a one time charge.  You will be able to get all the IFOs if you have a Pancake bunny in your wallet.  If you decide to stop doing the IFOs you can sell your Bunny and it should still retain good value.

As a person stuck with a lot of bunnies, this is some of the best crypto news I have heard in many months.  Long live the Pancake Bunny!




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