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Pancake Bunny needs Money

How cute is that little begging bunny.  Someone should pick him up and hug him and give some carrots.  While I love my little bunny in the picture I am not so in love Pancake Bunny.  I almost lost a lot of money with Bunny during the flash loan liquidity pull.  There were times were I was staking a good amount of Bunny but something scared me.  I didn't understand how Bunny made the money to support them passing out Bunny tokens.  It looked like the minted 5 bunny tokens every time they collect 1 BNB in fees which just made it have such a huge emission.  I wish it would have continued.  It was nice getting 300% without having to try out crazy coins.  I learned a valuable lesson that day.  Stick with coins that are traded on mulitple centralized exchanges.  If your coin is on traded on Pancake Bunny and someone drains the liquidity pool, you are stuck with worthless tokens.

With coins like Cake or even Safemoon, you can find other places to buy and sell them besides Apeswap, DODO, and Pancake.

How cute is that little bunny rabbit.  He looks so hungry.

Pancake Bunny is down to $16.00.  I still remember when it was $500 and had a 300% yield.  Time have changed a lot in a couple of months.  In order to try and get people back some of the money they lost Bunny started a pBunny fund to try and raise money for them.  It supposedly isn't working as it was supposed to and the funds are not getting as big as they should.

In order to get money when they don't have that many options left, the team behind Bunny is creating a new token called MND which will give you a percentage share of anything the Bunny team does from now until forever I guess.  Considering Pancake Bunny's track record, I am very hesitant to give them money and trust them to lock it away and give me a fair yield.

For now, it is best to stick with Cake and Autocake.  At least Cake is liquid on Binance and many other exchanges.

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