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Pancake Bunny, Cake, and BNB

Pancake Swap Automated Market Maker on Binance Chain

I have been messing around with Binance Defi for about a month.  I have learned a lot of valuable lessons and those valuable lessons were very expensive.  What I have learned is that the Trust Wallet is the absolute best wallet for using Binance Smart Chain.  As a company that sells hardware wallets, I hope that this recommendation holds some water.  If you are going to do dozens of transactions a day, Trust wallet on a hardware device that you keep at home is a great option.  Check out an old iPad.  You don't need much power to run a wallet.

I have tried out lots of strange Dexs like Marshmallow Swap, Space Swap, Alpaca Finance, Mdex, Pancake Bunny, Blizzard Swap, 1Inch, and a whole bunch more.

What I have figured out is that swapping coins is where I lose the most amount of money.  It is hard to make sure you get the right amount and even if you are using Pancake Swap, the .2 percent starts to add up if you transfer a lot.

I have decided to stay put in BNB-Cake LP token.  You may have heard these called flip tokens.  Basically, these are the tokens that Pancake swap gives you in exchange for providing liquidity to their liquidity pools.  For this pool, you need to give an equal amount of BNB and Cake and then you receive the Cake BNB Flip.

Now that you have the flip token, there are a lot of things you can do with it and there are a lot of places where you can stake it.  I have decided to concentrate on 3 coins.  I am going to focus on Bunny, Cake, and BNB.  BNB has a fixed amount and is used at the largest centralized exchange in the world.  They do burns to keep supply constrained and the owners of Binance have a good reason to want to keep the coin high.  That is where most of them have their fortunes stored.

One great way to continuous earn Cake, Bunny, and BNB is to stake you Cake-BNB LP at Pancake Bunny.  They have a pool where you earn Bunny and you earn BNB Cake Flips.  In theory you are earning all there coins.  You can easily restake the flip and then you can add the Bunny to a Bunny pool to earn more Bunny.

I have tried a lot of different protocols and the only ones that consistently work for me are Pancake Swap and Pancake Bunny.  I have tried providing liquidity for one of the pairs that is paying 400% or higher and it turns out that as you earn interested the value of the coin goes down.  When it comes to BNB, Cake, and Bunny over time, the values seem to go up.

My main concern about Bunny and Cake is that they are brand new and unproven.  The do not have a cap on mintage so in theory they can keep printing these coins until there are way too many.

What have you found that works in BNB deli?

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